Artwork in “Psychosomatic”

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Link to Artist bios and descriptions of the work HERE

Recent artwork by Vera Schnekenburger

  • Jolie Laide l  22”x27”  Screen print on rag paper $225
  • Jolie Laide ll 22”x27” Screen print on rag paper $225
  • Addict Insane 24”x 24” Paint on masonite
  • Traditional 13”x13”  Plaster bust $200
  • Psychological 13”x13”  Plaster bust $200

Recent artwork by Billy Marshall

  • The Stages of Grief 22”x30”  Copper etching on rag $260
  • Cleaved; earth tones 27”x37”  Litho on honen, chine colléd to rag paper $225
  • Seize and hold firmly; in black 26”x35” paper  Litho on honen, chine colléd to rag $225

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